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Bookends Business Services was created to connect the everyday business owner to the world of virtual recordkeeping. A literal “paper trail” is no longer needed for your business. Records, receipts, and statements can be kept electronically and access to your books can be obtained anywhere you can connect to the internet. This enables the business owner to be on the go or in the office to complete necessary work or to access important information. Our goal is to keep you out of your “shoebox” way of keeping track of things, even if you don’t want to adopt on a fully electronic back office.


Like bookends, we are support for your books, and your business as a whole, to keep them upright.


We are the connection between your business offerings and your processes keeping you up to date and compliant. Let’s discuss what currently works in your business and move forward in areas that you need help with. Bookends, your consultant that understands your real-life small business struggles.

About the Owner - Cali Oberlechner

I have been engaged in small businesses since I was young. I started working in Quickbooks over 15 years ago for my family's business. When it came time for me to decide on a path to take in college, accounting felt like the right fit.


Once I had my degree in Accounting, I worked in public accounting for 3 tax seasons before I decided to take a position that would allow me more family time to focus on our new daughter. We quickly added another daughter and had to adjust my work schedule again to allow me to stay with our two young girls as much as possible. I was lucky to be working for my family once again, which allowed me this flexibility. When the girls started going to school, it allowed me to have more time to devote to working. I joined a team for tax season once again and stayed with them for 4 seasons. The world of virtual accounting came in my mind during this time. 


A virtual booking business allows me to keep up with my family and to also serve the business clients I love. My experience with true leaders in the industry of accounting and with top-notch business owners has given me a diverse portfolio of experiences.

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Client Expectations

  • Work can’t be completed without information from the client. We will set up a system to get the needed documents in a timely fashion. I am here to help you, but my pricing doesn’t include time to repeatedly request items. We can talk about a different pricing structure to include a more personalized service if needed.

  • The client will provide any subscriptions for the software needed unless other terms are discussed. This can include Quickbooks Online, any CRM used by the client, payroll time tracking, remote computer access and anything similar.

  • Bookends Business Services LLC will not start on an engagement until an engagement letter has been signed.

  • I am not a lawyer. If you need help with the law I can refer you to one.

  • I am not a tax accountant or CPA. I can refer you to one or work alongside the one you have already established a relationship with. My goal is to make their required returns hassle-free at the end of the filing period, not take their position with your business.

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